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25 November 2005 @ 11:08 am
I can't stay here too long, Peter's in the hospital. He got into a wreck. I was so scared it was my fault. We had another fight and he left and...shit.

He's okay, some cracked things.

What would I have done if I lost him? I love him, I really do. Screw what you think, he's perfect. And he's everything I want.
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16 November 2005 @ 08:30 pm
I feel so totally....like it's over. Something amazing is over.

I love you Peter. And I have. And I will. Please please please don't forget that.

Living here is like jail. But people in jail don't have to deal with these people. I never thought my mom would be so ...down to the book about everything. Making me go to Mass in the morning, stuff like that. And Clay doesn't help. He's an ass. He thinks I'm his daughter..and he hit me once. It's not gonna happen again, damn it.

Jay, I really need to talk to you. Before I fall apart completely.
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13 November 2005 @ 10:23 pm
What is happening to me? I'm losing it. I really am.

Peter is going to dump me. I love him so much but he found out and now he's freaking out and can I blame him? Spinner isn't talking to me, no one cares I feel so ...fucked up. Mom and Clay are being really really weird around me, and they took my phone away. They took it away! I had to steal it to get it back. And Clay isn't as nice as he was before.

I need you Jay. I don't have anyone else to talk to..at all.

I don't know what else to say.

Jay please call me.
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08 November 2005 @ 06:39 pm
I'm at my Mom's. I can't call her Mom to her face. So I call her Nancy, and she calls me Darcy. It works.

First night here. Last night Peter and I just talked and promised ourselfs it'll be okay. I packed, and I moved in here. It's nice. It's Jay's old room...

if you don't know, Jay? He's my half brother. We found out awhile ago. It's insane. See...my mom left when I was little. And I never knew why. I found her and she explained it to me. It still isn't that cool, but I want to get to know her. Last time I remember seeing her is when I was 8 and she came briefly to see how I was. My dad never told me. I guess he was trying to protect me.

So living here is nice. Mom's boy friend, Clay is nice. Jay calls him the beav. I'm not sure why, the show maybe? He made taco's. They were really goood.

So here I am. Alone. Peter's at work, I could go see him but Clay is kind of over protective I guess? I can see why Jay hates him. He seems all nice until you make him mad. He get's all...in your face about it.
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01 November 2005 @ 06:22 pm
Why do things have to hard? Just answer me that. I have a great thing in my life, and I have another great thing in my life. What am I supposta do?

The doctor said I'm not pregnant. How do I break his heart? How do I tell him that everything he wanted doesn't matter now? And my Mom wants me to come live with her. And my Dad talked to Damon and he said something sounded wrong. What if he finds out? What am I gonna do? I'm so stressed out, I've stopped eatting. I don't have time. My classes are getting really hard. It's scaring me.

Jay, call me okay?

Spinner- call me.

Everyone just call me. I need to talk to someone.
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27 October 2005 @ 03:26 pm
I'm Pregnant.

It's all a lie...it is. It has to be.
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23 October 2005 @ 01:54 pm
Talked to Jay. He's not as bad as people think. I don't know maybe it's just me. I can't talk to Peter. I can't talk to anyone else. It's just easy to talk to someone that might understand. And he's my brother right...he'll listen.

I went over to Spinner's yesterday. It was nice, we talked and made up and stuff. I feel bad about what happened, leaving him like that. Sometimes I think it was a mistake. Manny hates me now, but I'm with someone I really love. He bought me flowers and stuff :) It was really sweet. Why do I feeel though like it's time for me to move on?

So my Mom and I were talking. She wants me to move in with her. She kicked Jay out and now she wants me in there. I don't think I will. I want to be with Peter Maybe Spinner. Oh God.

I still have homework. :/
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16 October 2005 @ 11:41 am
I gave Peter my cold. And I feel bad. But I didn't mean to, he's the one that wanted to kiss me!

Not alot to update about. Saw my Mom. We talked about why she left. Just say it ended with both of us crying. I told her about Damon and she said I could come live with her and her boyfriend. I told them Peter's was good. He was stable. Now that he's sick..he's not so much. He called me fat. And honestly when I look at a bag of chips, I feel like that.

Back to work. Aw, they're renting Beauty and the Beast. Good movie.

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14 October 2005 @ 03:35 pm
I have a flu. :( I got it Wensday and it sucks. I stayed home from school today too. And to see if Damon was going to call me. That fucker, he called Peter and pissed him off. So who had to deal with it? Me.

Living with Peter is great. His mom has great food, and he knows how to make soup. Damon threatened to kick me back to my Dad's if I didn't give him money. He got busted at work or something and now he's out of a job and he can't sell so he thinks I'm going to. Or make more sex tapes or something. I'm not going to do that, Peter isn't going to do that...he's out of his damn mind.

I went to Jay's house for Thanksgiving...it was nice. My mom is nice. But I don't know her...just because she gave birth me to doesn't mean I love her or have to live with her. If Damon keeps being an ass..I'll move in with my Mom. If he threatens to tell my Dad about the tape. But then Peter will get mad. All of this is shit

I went to Mass. I'm Catholic, whoo. It was cool.

I hope I get better, And I pray that 1. Damon will stop being an ass 2. My Mom will invite me back to visit and that Peter buys me some M&M's or something..hah.
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11 October 2005 @ 06:20 pm
Darcy ficlet
Important, yo
Rated R

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